English, Leadership, Communications

We understand that every parent’s wish is to see that their children attain a high level of proficiency in English as the language that paves the way for them to be successful in life. It has come to light that English alone cannot brighten up the future with the current demand for human capital with extra attributes such as leadership and communications skills. Competency in English, Leadership & Communication can immensely enhance the future prospects for aspiring young learners. While it is extremely important to have a strong foundation in English, we believe that young students should be guided to understand the importance of acquiring leadership and communications skills from an early stage in life.  ELC for young learners is a specially designed innovative program for post G.C.E (O/L) & (A/L) students. The 100-hour program covers key aspects in learning English, understanding Leadership attributes and acquiring basics in effective communication.

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Course Structure

  • English Component with 60 % coverage of the course offers
  • Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking skills. 
  • Heavy focus on use of grammar appropriately.
  • Elocution for improvement in expressive speech. 
  • Workshops conducted by experts 
  • Leadership component with 20 % coverage of the course offers
  • Understanding Leader, Leadership and Leadership process. 
  • Personal growth through leadership skills.